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Finnleo Sauna Heaters

For special comfort with soft, even heat...
Feel the reviving spirit of Finnleo saunas. Finnleo heaters are the heart and soul of the sauna. With exclusive heater design, Finnleo puts two times more rocks in direct contact with the elements. The result is special comfort: a soft steam and soft, even heat rising from the rocks, not the metal, avoiding the harsh "electric toaster" feel. Open air flow design ensures quick, effective heating with efficient energy use.Sauna Heaters

All Finnleo heaters and controls are tested and listed for secure, trustworthy use and superior quality. The heater's triple-wall structure maintains minimal surface temperatures for safety and increased user pleasure. Stainless steel shell and elements ensure continuing high performance. And the heat shield's baked-on enamel finish complements any sauna (optional stainless steel exterior available). Quality materials and expert engineering make Finnleo a sensational sauna experience above all others.

Sauna HeatersSoft Heat Altra
The sleek contemporary design of the Altra offers reversible placement of built-in controls (left or right side of heater). The timer allows the heater to turn on up to 9 hours later. It's the ideal wall-mounted sauna heater. Add freestanding legs to make floor standing. For use with saunas up to 425 cu. ft.

Download Finnleo Altra Instructions

  • Built-in controls side-mounted at a higher level for easy access and visibility
  • Controls on left or right side of heater
  • Increased rock capacity (66 1bs of vulcanite rocks)
  • Visually appealing on all four sides (ideal for saunas with windows)
  • 22" H x 18-3/4" W x 11" D
  • From 4.5 kW to 8 kW
  • "9+1" timer with 9-hour time delay feature
  • Optional floor stand available


Sauna Heaters Soft Heat Maxi
The Maxi Soft Heat series, also with its sleek design, exemplifies the sauna experience. It offers double rock capacity and separate control panels. For use with saunas up to 425 cu. ft.

Download Finnleo Maxi Instructions

  • Use with separate controls
  • Wall mounted or floor standing
  • Increased rock capacity (66 lbs. of vulcanite rocks)
  • Symmetrical construction for a finished look on all four sides (ideal for saunas with windows)
  • 22" H x 18-3/4" W x 11" D
  • From 4.5 kW to 8 kW
  • Match with standard or digital controls
  • FSO-BE match with standard controls
  • FSO-D match with DigiII controls
  • Optional floorstand available

Soft Heat Steamy
Combination Sauna Heater w/Steam Generator
Now you can enjoy invigorating heat as well as gentle steam. The Steamy sauna heater by Finnleo offers you several ways to take your sauna:

  • a traditional sauna with higher temperatures and fairly low humidity
  • or a "soft sauna" with lower temperature and higher humidity

The Steamy heater and its quiet steam generator are controlled from an easy to use control panel.   The Steamy's 66 lbs. of heated rocks provide a natural "dry down" of sauna after use.  Enjoy aroma therapy by adding your favorite fragrance to the integral fragrance trough.

Download Steamy Heater Instructions

  • Use with separate steamy controls
  • Wall mounted
  • 66 lbs. of vulcanite rock
  • Steam generator connects directly to a water supply (with optional autofill) or can be manually filled
  • 24-1/4" H x 18-3/4" W x 14-1/2" D
  • From 6.0 kW to 8 kW
  • Separate contactor box required

Mini Finn Models
The compact Mini Finn heaters are designed for small saunas and tight spaces. The timer allows the sauna heater to be set for turn on up to 9 hours later. For saunas up to 150 cu. ft. hard-wired 120 or 240 volts.

Download Finnleo Mini Instructions

  • 15" H x 16" W x 7" D
  • Designed for rooms from 45 to 150 cu. ft.
  • Includes 25 lbs. of vulcanite sauna stones
  • Built-in control unit with "9+1" timer and thermostat
  • Controls can be installed on left or right side of heater for easy access
  • 2.1 kW or 3.0 kW

Superfinn - The Finnleo "Classic"
Freestanding Superfinn heaters have been the standard for the sauna industry for over 20 years. The Superfinn has been designed for large, commercial-size sauna rooms. The Superfinn uses a separate control panel.

Download LA Heater with FA Controls

  • 29" H x 20" W x 19" D
  • Floor model
  • Designed for rooms from 340 to 950 cu. ft.
  • Includes 132 lbs. of vulcanite sauna stones
  • Remote control panel
  • Stainless steel exterior and junction box
  • From 10.5 kW to 14.4 kW


Octagonal Heater
The Octa - For style in larger saunas
Finnleo's eight sided, floor-standing heater brings outstanding design and superb performance to larger saunas. Finished on all sides, the heater can be placed in the middle of a sauna, in a corner, or mid-wall. Its rock capacity provides soft heat, soft steam and extremely uniform temperatures.

Download Octa Heater Instructions Octagonal Heater Sauna

  • 35" H x 22" W x 22" D
  • Floor model
  • Octagonal design, ideal for mid-sauna placement
  • Use with FSC Series controls
  • Standard stainless construction
  • Large rock capacity (132 lbs. vulcanite rocks) for soft heat and soft steam
  • Rated for rooms from 340 to 950 cu. ft

Finnleo Heat Storing Sauna Heaters

Finnleo's "SaunaTime" and "Saunatonttu" heaters are a combination of a thousand years old tradition and the best of modern technology. These magnificent heat-storing heaters allow the sauna bather to enjoy sauna at any time without preheating. Simply open the lid, sit or lie down, sprinkle water on the preheated rocks...and enjoy.

The secret of the Finnleo heat-storing heaters is in the constant heat retained by the large quantity of rocks (200 lbs.) within the super-insulated heater. Space age insulation technology made this innovation possible--super heated rocks inside and cool surface temperature outside. The temperature of the rocks is maintained by low wattage elements that can be switched to 100 watts, 200 watts or 300 watts depending on the amount of heat and steam desired by the user. If more heat is desired or if multiple users will use the sauna, the booster element can be turned on for extra healing power.


Original EverReady Heater Original Heat Storing SaunaTime Heater
Originally developed and patented by Saunatec/Finnleo in the early 90’s, this heater is considered the most dramatic sauna heater development ever. As the name "SaunaTime" suggests, this sauna heater is ready for use at all times. Developed to recreate the sauna conditions of ancient wood-burning saunas (lower temperatures, huge rock mass, lots of humidity), its most notable benefit is the soft, moist steam, which comes from the depths of the extra large rock compartment.

  • 34" H x 15" W x 19" D
  • Separate handheld control mounted inside the sauna
  • Low wattage range ("lways on" mode): 135 W, 225 W, or 360 W
  • Booster element power range: 4.4 kW and 5.8 kW
  • For saunas 175 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

Saunatonttu Heater Saunatonttu Heater
Taking the SaunaTime to new heights, Finnleo and world-renowned designer, Ristomatti Ratia, created the ultimate sauna heater—the Saunatonttu. Incorporating several patented features and superb European design, the Saunatonttu is truly the "Best sauna heater in the world", bar none.

Download Saunatonttu Heater Instructions Saunatonttu Heater Control

  • Super insulated to keep rocks "always hot, always ready"
  • 200 lbs. of vulcanite rocks
  • Very low surface temperatures
  • Safe for children; includes a child safety lock on lid
  • Small safety clearances gives flexibility in sauna design
  • Patented lid-switch, allowing the booster element to come on when the lid is opened and to go off when the lid is closed
  • Diminutive, hand-held control panel for easy in-sauna use, great looks and safety
  • Fiber-optic light inside the rock compartment creates an atmosphere similar to glowing embers
  • Contemporary design with curved front, circular top, and optional metal or wooden rail—the Saunatonttu will enhance the looks of any sauna
  • Backside is square to allow installation into a sauna corner
  • Can also be installed in front of windows, or even in the center of the sauna. In these installations, optional T&G backside panels are available
  • Dimensions: 19 3/4" W x 19 3/4" D x 43" H
  • Low wattage range ("always on" mode): 100 W, 200 W, or 300 W
  • Booster element power range: 3.4 kW, 4.4 kW, or 6.0 kW
  • For saunas from 110 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

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