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Authentic Saunas from Finland

Hot Spring Spa of North County proudly offers authentic Finnish Saunas by Finnleo®. We offer traditional saunas as well as infrared radiant heat therapy rooms...the choice is yours. As sauna specialists since 1987, we believe we will find the right sauna for your wants and needs.

Health Benefits

Though the sauna experience is different for everyone, most will agree that there are many health benefits that come from regular sauna usage including the following:
  • Aids in skin ailments such as acne, eczema & other wounds
  • Relieves stress
  • Burns calories and encourages weight loss
  • Conditions the heart
  • Induces a deeper more relaxing sleep
  • Relaxes muscles & can relieve joint pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism, over-exertion & muscle fatigue
  • Sweats out toxins, impurities and chemicals
  • Cleanses skin
  • Fights illness
  • Recreational and social benefits

Sauna Wood Choices

Approximately 97% of all saunas worldwide are made from Nordic Whitewoods. The most popular combination is Nordic White Spruce for sauna walls and Abachi for benches and accessories. Nordic White Spruce is a very slow growing, fine grained wood which resists odor absorption and staining--unlike other darker woods. Abachi wood is splinter free with no knots and remains comfortable to the touch--even at higher temperatures. This light wood combination provides an airy & bright atmosphere for sauna bathing. Finnleo sauna rooms are also available in cedar, aspen or hemlock--the choice is yours.


Traditional Sauna Heaters

All Finnleo sauna heaters utilize very large rock capacities and are available to be used wet and dry. The size of the heater needed is determined by the size of your sauna room. Finnleo® has traditional sauna heaters, heat storing heaters and wood burning stoves. There are several control options to customize your sauna bath.

Freestanding Rooms

Freestanding prefabricated rooms come in many styles, shapes and sizes. If portability is your concern, consider the Thera~Port Sauna which measures 45" X 45" X 77", seats two, comes pre-assembled in 2 parts and plugs into 110 volts. For a larger and portable sauna consider the Patio Series for your own home. The Patio Series come pre-assembled in 2 parts to fit thru a standard door and roofs can be added for outdoor installation. For larger and custom designed rooms, the Sisus are ideal. Starting in size at 4' square, these rooms come as large or small as you like for indoor or outdoor installation. They are also available in various shapes and bench layouts. If you like a lot of glass, the Designer Series saunas utilize special glass doors, windows, angles, lighting and interior upgrades. Finally, for complete backyard entertainment, consider the Finnleo outdoor sauna collection. Most models include a changing room which is perfect by a pool.

Custom Cut Built-In Rooms

Custom Cut Sauna Rooms are ideal for new home construction or remodeling projects. If you have a room (such as a walk-in closet) & want to convert it to a sauna, a custom cut is for you. These rooms are made to your desired specifications with your choice of heaters, controls, doors, windows, shapes, accessories, etc. Fax or e-mail your information and we will get back to you with a proposal promptly.

Finnleo Infrared Radiant Heat Therapy Rooms

Finnleo, long known as a world leader in traditional saunas and steambaths, is also a world leader in Infrared radiant heat therapy rooms. Not to be confused with saunas, Infrared rooms offer their own unique features and benefits.

Infrared is perfect as a "heat therapy room" for athletes looking for a pre-workout warm-up to warm up muscles and increase flexibility, which helps to prevent injury. It's also ideal for pre-warm-up for physical therapy and massage therapy.

A session in an Infrared room can help relieve pain and speed healing of injuries such as sprains, strains and muscle aches. Whether it be for spot treatment of a sore shoulder, or basking your whole body in the radiating heat, it will provide soothing relief.

If you can't decide on traditional sauna or infrared, then consider the Finnleo 2-in-1 Infra Sauna as your choice. This sauna combines the benefits of traditional AND infrared technology into one 6' X 6' size model. Now both can be yours.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Need replacement benches, backrests, timers or any other accessory? Order now!

Frequently Asked Sauna Questions

Visit this area for frequently asked sauna questions regarding sauna bath usage, sauna health benefits and sauna bath construction.

Price Quote & Brochure

Call, write, fax or e-mail for a FREE brochure on the world's finest sauna products available. Be sure to include your name and address please. Also, please specify what size and style of sauna or options interest you.

See a video on the Finnleo Sauna and other products we carry.

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