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Authentic Finnish Sauna Accessories

We proudly offer, display and stock the largest assortment of authentic Finnish sauna accessories in the area. The accessory items below as well as other items may be ordered at our Sauna Accessories order form

Brushes: Brush your skin into a rosy color while in your sauna with one of our brushes. Choose either a 2 brush set or a long handled brush for those hard to reach areas.

2 brush set
(approx 11"
long brushes)
Long handled
sauna brush
(18" long)

Sauna Buckets: Authentic Finnish wooden buckets for all size saunas available. Our 1 gallon wooden bucket with plastic liner is our most popular for smaller saunas. For a little fancier bucket, consider the 1 gallon copper bucket (NOTE: copper sauna buckets will discolor). For larger saunas, we have a 2.0 gallon bucket with stainless steel liner and pail handle or a 4.5 gallon tub.

1 gallon sauna
bucket with plastic insert

1 gallon
copper bucket

2 gallon wooden sauna
bucket with stainless steel liner
4.5 gallon wooden bucket

Clothes and Towel Hooks: Leave your clothes and towels behind on a hook as you enter your sauna. Hooks available with 2, 3 or 4 pegs. Also available is a twig style hook.

2 peg towel rack
(3.5" x 4")

3 peg towel rack
(3.5" x 12")
4 peg towel rack
(3.5" x 16")

Wooden Ladles: Choose from one of our many wood handled ladels to pour water onto your sauna rocks. Ladles vary by length and have either wooden or copper scoops.

14" wood ladel

18" Copper Ladel

19.5" wood ladel
w/ varnish scoop

Sauna Headrests and Legrests: Enjoy your sauna even more by resting your head against a slanted abachi headrest or your legs on a curved abachi rest. Abachi is an ideal wood for these products because abachi does not get hot in high sauna temperatures.

abachi sauna
(12" x 18")
abachi sauna

Sauna Sand Timer: Lose track of time in a sauna? It's easy to do. Now, you can add a 15 minute sand timer to help keep track of the time you have been in your sauna without the need of a watch which can get hot. Simply enter your sauna, turn the timer over and wait for the sand to fall to the bottom.

Sand timer:
15 minutes
Sand timer:
Metallic with
wood trim

Sauna Thermometers and Hygrometers: We proudly offer a large assortment of sauna thermometers, sauna hygrometers and combination units which feature both items together.

4" round

Thermometer/ Hygrometer Combo: Wood framed,
metallic face
(5" x 8")

Combo: 5" round
chrome/trim white face
Combo: 7" round with gold/trim
white face

wood trim
metallic face
(5" x 4.5")
wood trim
metallic face
(5" x 4.5")

5" round
chrome/white face
Round 4"

Staff style
liquid crystal
(11" x 2")
4" round

Clock, sauna
bucket style
(not to be used inside sauna)

Lights and Lampshades: Saunas require lights that are designed to handle high heat and humidity which we offer. Diffuse the brightness of your sauna light with our corner lampshade (light must be mounted near corner of sauna to work properly).

Wall Mounted
Sauna Light
Sauna corner

Sauna Signs: Dress your sauna up with one of our many sauna signs. We feature two styles of wooden signs and a fun laminated sauna usage sign.

Poster: Sauna signs:

Abachi wood, sand blasted,
w/ bucket
(11.75" x 3.5")

Cedar wood, sand blasted,
w/ tree
(11.75" x 3.5")
Sauna Bathing Advice
(8.75" x 11")

Finnish Sauna Linens: In keeping with true Finnish traditions, we proudly offer a line of Finnish linens for your sauna enjoyment. These linen items include Tammi bath robes, wash mittens, backrubs, towels, kilts, seat covers and linen slippers. Colors and selection may vary slightly from photographs. Most are made with 70% linen and 30% cotton.

Bath Robe

Wash Mitten

Backrub "sauna" towel
(75 x 150cm)
(70 x 145 cm)
(small, medium, & large)
Seat cover
(21.5" x 18")
Seat cover
(21.5" x 18")

Sauna Fragrances: Add just a few drops of your favorite sauna fragrance into your bucket of water. Then, using your Finnleo sauna ladel, pour water over the rocks for a refreshing sauna sensation...great when you have a cold or congestion. Fragrances available include Birch, herbal, pine and 100% supreme grade Eucalyptus oil in addition to a great selection in our gift pack.

Birch, Herbal and Pine Sauna fragrances
Eucalyptus sauna & steam oil
(2 oz., 8oz. & 16px.)
8 pack Gift Set (50ml each)
including lemon, peppermint, pine, mint, birch, herbal, spruce and melissa.

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